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Dr. Renu Gulati

I have taught with passion for 40 years of my life and I have loved every part of the process of imparting knowledge to the young minds. With teaching, I have also given it my all to studying and researching and to continually gaining a better understanding of the evolving problems in the field of Child Development. I have involved myself in projects with all age groups of children. I have contributed academically by conducting and publishing various researches and creating iterary resources as well as through workshops and lectures. I strongly believe that if need based interventions are provided to children with different abilities, it can change the course of their lives.

Sound mental health for everyone is something I wish for dearly and so I dedicated myself to this cause by becoming a part of the counseling community. I have always been determined to leave no stone unturned and I intend to carry on with the same fervor with Suknit.

I have realized that an accelerated change in the social system, parents feel lost and desperately require a support system, hence Suknit.

After helping set up day care centers and crèches and setting up a nursery school at the Department of Human Development and Childhood studies, I am setting up Suknit with the hope of bridging the gaps in this field that I see today.

Prachi Sinha

Prachi Sinha

Very early in life, In discovered that my mission lies in working with children. It was just something that gave me immense joy. So I set forth on the path of pursuing my masters in Human Development and Childhood Studies to equip myself with the right know how. I have always been excited about learning something new which took me to USA to learn and work with National Association for Child Development. I came back to India and continued their work here. My strength lies in planning and executing individualized and directed interventions with children and young adults. In the last 16 years, I have gained a good understanding of the basic similarities and the differences in the child rearing practices of the west and our nation and I believe a blend of both is required in raising confident and responsible children. I have done the same in raising my two boys and I love the results. I strongly believe that we all have the potential to do more despite a label and that the way to achieve that is through individualizing the intervention services. While I continue to work with individuals on behavior and mental health, conduct workshops for parents and teachers and Indian PSU’s/ corporates, I am determined to create a space that will be loved by all.

Reshma Bhown

Hi! I’m Reshma Bhown. I am a Developmental Psychologist at core and a Licensed Special Educator. I am currently working as a Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Delhi and Manav Rachna University and I also fulfill the duties of an Academic counselor at IGNOU. I am someone who constantly likes to explore and expand my knowledge base about children across various domains and abilities. I strongly believe that every child has an untapped potential that needs unmasking. While I feel development and reaching your maximum potential is a lifelong process, I also believe in the magic of early intervention. Teaching and training are an integral part of me and I love finding ways to explain what children experience, need and yearn. I am driven by a vision of all of us as self aware, mindful, responsible, compassionate and life longlearners who work together to achieve our goals and Socio-Emotional learning is my magic wand to achieve the aforesaid. 

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