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Social Emotional Learning Program

Developing self- awareness, self- regulation, resilience and interpersonal skills are vital in this day and age. They are no longer soft skills but extremely essential skills. This program will help the children not just cope better with everyday challenges and benefit them socially but academically and professionally as well in the future.

The Social Emotional Learning Program at SUKNIT has been created to aim at promoting and developing positive social and emotional skills in children aged 3 years and above in a specialized graded manner. The sessions are conducted in a group setting to resonate with the essence of the program.

The SEL program fosters self-awareness by facilitating children to decipher their emotions and understand their triggers which in-turn helps them to regulate their emotions better. Our facilitators imbibe imperative social skills such as empathy and active listening that help them build and sustain relationships. Our program utilize evidence- based, comprehensive and tailor-made communication strategies and engage children in interactive activities to help them develop and strengthen their social and emotional competencies which gives them an edge over other children to set a tone for their lives.

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