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Suknit Guidance and Learning Center is the long standing dream of Dr. Renu Gulati. Determined to empower parents, enhance teacher’s abilities and cater to the evolving needs of children, adolescents and young adults today, Dr. Gulati wanted to build a space capable of providing a gamot of services.

She wanted to create a team that would be inventive and committed to people’s welfare. 


For Suknit, she brought together two of professionals from the field, Reshma and Prachi who, shared her passions and dreams. Together they identified areas in human development, which were lagging in the quality of services being provided in India and then committed to bringing about a positive change.


Team Suknit strongly believes that it is pertinent we work on Resilience, Empathy, Emotional Regulation and all the other aspects of Social Emotional Development to strengthen our children. They believe that enhancing communication along with cognitive skills is the basis of a successful life. The strength of Team Suknit lies in creating new services and programs, customizing services to the needs of the user.


Team Suknit realizes that the field of human development is evolving daily and so the services also need to evolve with the needs. Hence we create and curate. Team Suknit will always have new services/ programs to offer.

Suknit Guidance and Learning Center

On this website, you can keep learning and exploring from our blog articles or opt for the many services being provided. You can partner with us in many ways. So pick what suits your needs or ask us to create something new for you.

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